NDIS Short and MEdium Term Accommodation

The breathing space you need, the support you deserve.

Now the NDIS is far from perfect, but they have tried to cover it all so if you desperately need a place to stay, then short or medium-term accommodation may be just what you need.

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What is short-term accommodation with the NDIS?

Short-term accommodation covers the cost of you living somewhere else for a couple of nights, or even a week or so.

If you wanted to visit the beach for a long weekend, for example, we could arrange it for you. Whatever support needs you have, will be continued in the new location for as long as you’re there. Trips like this not only give you a well-deserved break, but those who care for you too.

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What is Medium-term accommodation with the NDIS?

Medium-term accommodation serves a different purpose altogether, and is often used as a stop-gap while you’re waiting for more permanent accommodation to be finalised. The NDIS will pay for you to live somewhere for up to 90 days, while any of the following conditions are in play.

Your new home isn’t quite ready yet

You may be waiting on modifications to be made, or assistive technology to be in place.

You may be waiting for a place to become available, or even the build to be completed. Whatever the reason, your new home isn’t too far away, and you just need a place to stay for short time.

You don’t have anywhere to stay

You could be just out of hospital or aged care, and need a place to live for a while, or your support system has failed and you can’t stay at home anymore. Either way, medium-term accommodation will give you the breathing space you need.

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