Supported Independent Living: How it all works

Pick up the phone, you’re one step closer to home.

Seriously, it’s as simple as that.
Just get in touch, and we’ll take it from there.

independent living options ndis, a woman in a wheelchair.
ndis independent living options, a man sitting in a chair with a cell phone.

The Process

This is how it all works

1. Say hello

To get the ball rolling, all you have to do is get in touch here, and we’ll get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. We’ll have a chat on the phone, figure out if you’re eligible for Supported Independent Living / Specialist Disability Accommodation, and go from there.

2. Get to know you better

Next we’ll get to know you a bit better, and you can decide if you like us too. We can come to you or you can come to us – whatever is easiest! We can also chat about where you want to live, and discuss the kind of accommodation and support model that might suit your needs the best.

sil accommodation ndis sydney, two men completing a puzzle together
finding the right SIL accommodation in Sydney, a man in a wheelchair talking to a woman in a living room.

3. Have a look around

The next step is to come for a look around your ‘possible’ new home. We have a range of Supported Independent Living vacancies across Sydney available. You might meet some other people we support or your future roomies, and you’ll check out the great facilities available. Hopefully everything goes well, and if you want to move in we’re onto the next step!

4. Help with the paperwork

This being the NDIS, of course, there’s a bit of paperwork to be done, but don’t worry – we know our way through it all, and can give you a hand if you like. Or, we’ll work closely with your Support Coordinator to get everything in order, and we’re off and running.

5. Make the perfect match

By now we’ve gotten to know you pretty well, and we’ll find the perfect team of Support Worker’s for you, and your particular needs. From our perspective this is one of the most important parts of the whole process, and so we take our time, and we do our best to find people who can support you best.

6. A little bit of planning

Getting from point A to point B on a permanent basis takes a good bit of planning, but lucky for you we’re experts at this, and we’ll help every step of the way.

sil supported independent living western sydney, a woman in a wheelchair is helping another woman with a coloring book.
supported independent living accommodation south western sydney, a woman in a wheelchair and a woman in a wheelchair.

7. Moving in day!

This is absolutely everybody’s favourite day, and the best part of our job, to be honest. In fact, after all the hard work that’s gone into getting you here, once it finally arrives it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Today, we’re simply helping a good friend move into their new home, and it’s wonderful.

8. Continued help & support

We’ll check-in on a regular basis to see how you’re doing, and to make sure everything’s going according to plan. If you need any changes to your support, or anything at all then just let us know, and we’ll look into it straight away for you.

So what do you think?

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