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We offer highly-skilled nursing services & training to individuals and providers.

community nursing Allara, nurse looking after small boy in wheelchair
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We offer Community Nursing Services to those with complex or chronic support needs that require the expertise of a Registered Nurse.

With extensive medical training and experience, our team of skilled nurses ensures the best possible care and support for individuals with these requirements. We can come to your home or you can visit us at our Community Nursing Hub.

We provide care plan reviews, management of care and delegation of care.

High intensity supports for individuals include:

  • enteral feeding
  • wound care
  • complex bowel care
  • seizure management
  • ventilator support
  • catheter care
  • subcutaneous injections
  • pain management
  • and more…

Allara’s team of highly experienced and skilled Registered Nurses are available to extend their services to other NDIS providers.

  • Developing, monitoring and reviewing care plans for all high intensity supports
  • Education and training, including delegation of care
  • Completing reports for NDIS review of nursing supports, including progress summaries and recommendations

Delegation of care

In certain cases, a Registered Nurse may have the capacity to provide training and delegate essential responsibilities to a support worker.

The support worker would then offer you the specific assistance they have been trained for, a practice referred to as ‘delegation of care’.

This process enables a Registered Nurse to assign nursing duties to a suitably trained individual.

Community nursing hub


Stretch your NDIS funding further by visiting us at our Community Nursing Hub.

It’s a brand new location in the heart of Penrith, offering 1 hour minimum service engagement.

  • Wound Care
  • Care Plans
  • High Intensity Support Care
  • Medication Assistance
  • Health & Wellbeing Assessments
  • Pre & Post Operative Care
  • Critical Care
community nursing Allara, nurse looking after small boy in wheelchair


Located in the heart of Penrith

Allara Support Services Community Nursing Hub

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