NDIS Community & Social Access

Whatever you want to do, we’ve got your back.

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The NDIS calls it community access, but it’s really just getting on with your business, and going out and enjoying yourself!

In short, if you have difficulty getting around, the NDIS may pay for a support worker, to help you in the following areas.


Assistance with social & community participation

Capacity Building

Increased social & community participation

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So, what does that mean in the real world?

Well, it means you can contact us, and we’ll match you with a support worker who can take you to the gym, visit the shops or the cinema with friends, even take you across town for a family lunch.

Your support worker will be perfectly suited to your particular needs, and we’ll be sure to find someone you’re going to love spending time with too.

OK, so what can I actually do in the community?

Virtually anything you want, so long as it gets you out of the house!

Enjoy the wonder of nature

They say a walk in a forest does wonders for you mental health, in fact, it’s actually been proven to reduce stress levels, so why wouldn’t you now and again?!

We regularly take clients on visits to parks, lakes, beaches and forests, so let us know and we’ll schedule it in. Want to go bushwalking? We’re lacing up our boots. Visit a National Park? No problem. Fishing? Let’s give it a try. Whether it’s for an afternoon, or a holiday away, we can help.

Keep an active body and mind

Daily trips to the gym, weekly basketball or a weekend learning to surf, anything that gets you up, out and moving your body, we’re happy to oblige. Dancing, swimming or tennis lessons? You name it. Or if you want to sign up for a course, learn a new language or even go back to school, we can help with that too.

Indulge your sociable side

Whether it’s an organised community event, a sporting event or simply just hanging out with your friends, we can help. Regular cinema trips or going to a concert? No problem.

We also organise our own catch-ups with all the people we’ve helped over the years, and you’re welcome to come along, any time.

Get on with the business of life

Not everything’s fun and games, however, so we’ll take you out for the weekly shop, help you get to work or any volunteering you might be involved in.

Explore cultural pursuits and endeavours

There’s always an art class, or a drama group to be found if you look hard enough. We can help you find them, and help you get stuck in too. Want to sing in a choir? Learn to play the guitar? Study photography? We can help with all of that, and more.

Sometimes we all need a little a little push, a little help and support to get out of our comfort zones. But once we get there it’s always worthwhile.

direct in - home support

In-home support is where you get help with a wide range of things from going to the shops to cooking, personal care and getting out and about.

It’s kind of like Supported Independent Living, but in your own home and only for the hours you need.

High Intensity Supports

Our  team of Registered Nurses can help with all kinds of complex support needs, to help you be as independent as possible. 

We can come to you in the comfort of your own home and provide you with highly skilled care and treatment for any high intensity supports you might require.

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