About Allara Support Services

Home means lots of things, and family means everything.

When you truly feel at home in a place, everything seems possible. And when you feel at home in yourself, everything literally is.

In fact that’s our main goal here at Allara Support Services, to help you find a home you feel comfortable in, and match you with a team of Support Workers who’ll inspire you to great things.

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Welcome to Allara. Welcome home.

Established in 2020 by Rachel Carey, Allara Support Services is a registered NDIS provider that specialises in Supported Independent Living, in-home support and community access.

Having worked in disability services since 2008, Rachel finally took the opportunity to build an organisation that incorporated everything she’d learned over the years. Focusing on the individual as a person with hopes, dreams and challenges to overcome, as opposed to being just another number in a sea of clients.

... and a funny thing happens when you put a stake in the ground like that. When you state, out loud, that people are more important than anything else...

You attract people who feel the same way, and before you know it you’ve built a business that feels like a family. A business that treats everyone with care, respect and compassion.

Now we can’t be 100% sure, but we believe you won’t find another provider that takes as much time to get to know you, and is quite so dedicated to finding a team of Support Worker’s who are perfectly suited to your needs.

A team of people who feel like an old friend from the moment you meet them.

Who’ll support your every-day life, and your best life too.

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“Allara means someone with bright ideas and high ideals. A trailblazer who’s hardworking, and dedicated to uplifting humanity. It was a name I’d considered for my daughter but didn’t quite make the final cut. When I was looking for a business name, however, all those qualities just seemed to fit, and I wanted to build a business that felt like family too, so that was it!”

- Rachel Carey, Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)

Our Promise To You

We’ll find the ying to your yang ...

Well, we’ll do our very best. Making big promises can be fraught with danger. But what we will do, right now, is promise to do everything we possibly can to find a team of Support Worker’s who’ll balance your life, and inspire you too. Plus…

... a place for you to call home.

A home is where you feel most comfortable. Where you let your defences down and truly relax into yourself. No barriers, no pretence, just rest, enjoyment and rejuvenation for another day. We promise to help you find that place, wherever it may be.

... We’ll put your happiness above all else.

That is literally, the only thing that matters as far as we’re concerned. Now we’ve been told that’s not the best way to run a business, but when you see someone’s face light up as they arrive in their very own home, for the very first time – well, it’s all there is.

... And hold ourselves to account.

We’ve developed a series of values that shape how we operate in this world, and while we think it’s the way everyone should be, unfortunately that’s not always the case. These values drive our team and our business so we can be the best provider for you.



To help as many people as possible find the home they deserve, with the support they need to live an inspired, joyful and independent life.


A world where everyone has the chance to live out their dreams, and be true to themselves, no matter what the challenges.

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