Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Villas Open in Bathurst

Bathurst welcomes the inauguration of its latest addition to the landscape of Disability Accommodation with the opening of five brand new HPS and Robust SDA Villas. The launch party, held on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, was a definite success, marking a significant milestone in addressing the shortage of SDA dwellings in the region.

car, accessible, bathurst, sda, accommodation, NDIS, Allara, Kia Sportage, branded vehicle, SIL Image of an Allara branded Kia Sportage in the driveway of the newly opened SDA villas in Bathurst

In collaboration with MyLife Housing & Independent Living Specialists (ILS), the unveiling of these modern facilities was celebrated with a delicious morning tea, coupled with an educational segment by ILS Clinical Educator, Sarah Uncle. Attendees, including representatives from NSW Health, Support Coordinators, Occupational Therapists, Behaviour Support Practitioners, and esteemed local Member for Bathurst, Paul Toole, gathered to celebrate this pivotal moment.

Paul Toole MP, in a Facebook post following the event, highlighted the importance of these villas, stating, “There are five brand new villas (three singles and two dual occupancy) available to rent for NDIS participants looking to live in Specialist Disability Accommodation. The villas have been specially designed for accessibility, independence, and privacy. Each villa meets the requirements for those in robust and high physical support categories of the NDIS and feature state of the art assistive technology.”

The emergence of these villas comes in response to a critical need for SDA dwellings in Bathurst. With a shortage of suitable accommodation, individuals with disabilities have faced significant challenges in finding appropriate housing that caters to their unique needs. The introduction of these innovative facilities not only addresses this pressing need but also sets a new standard for inclusive and supportive living environments.

The partnership between MyLife Housing and Allara Support Services signifies the entry of two new key players into the NDIS Support Space in Bathurst. Their commitment to offering innovative and caring support models that prioritise individual choice and privacy signals a new era of disability accommodation and support in the region.

Prospective tenants and interested parties are encouraged to explore these state-of-the art villas firsthand. Inspections are welcome and can be arranged at any time by contacting Allara Support Services at 1300 644 029.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:
Nicole Galea
Business & Marketing Manager
P: 1300 644 029 | E: [email protected]

Allara Support Services
Registered NDIS Provider
P: 1300 644 029 | E: [email protected]

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